Queirogal Jakobusland*ES
Date of birth
Neuter male

GIC S*Garpriket's Rob Roy
(NFO d 09 22)

Noia Jakobusland*ES
(NFO n 09 24)
Colour and pattern
Black spotted tabby with white
EMS code
NFO n 09 24
A_ D_ ii Ss Ttb ww oY
Weight (full condition)
2130g (16 weeks)
Health information

GSD IV negative (parents tested)

0,00 % (5 generations)
Total inbreedong: 3,42%

Queirogal is a black spotted tabby with white male, same colour & pattern than his mother Noia.
He is a big and strong kitten, with long body and tail. He has a beautiful head with nice triangle, long & straight profile,
and his ears have long lynx tips. His coat quality is fantastic. He is very affectionate and playful.

Queirogal lives together with Ortigueira (from our O litter) and their owners Elvira and Carlos.


In Galician language, a "queirogal" is a heath , an ecosystem in which the predominant plant community is heather.
Heather is a shrub of the Ericaceae family, which includes both the genus species ofErica and Calluna.
In Galicia are very common the moorlands composed of heather, gorse and broom. In spring, these shrubs lend
the landscape with stunning and spectacular combinations of yellow, white and every shade of pink, fuchsia and violet.
O Queirogal is a place in the parish of San Lourenzo de Pousada in  Baleira Municipality , Province of Lugo (NW-Spain).

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Pedigree Queirogal Jakobusland*ES
1ª generation
2ª generation
3ª generation
4ª generation

GIC S*Garpriket's
Rob Roy

NFO d 09 22

NFO n 09 22

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Norwegian Forest Cats Jakobusland*ES
In Gondomar (near Vigo), Pontevedra, Spain