Ribadulla Jakobusland*ES
Date of birth
Neuter female

S*Glömstaskogens Ivory (NFO n 01)

Colour and pattern
Bicolour black
EMS code
NFO n 03
aa Dd ii S_ Ttb ww oo
Weight (full condition)
1940g (16 weeks)
Health information

GSD IV negative (parents tested)

0,00 % (5 generations)
Total inbreeding: 3,36%

Ribadulla was born in 5th place, in R litter. She is a bicolour black female with a beautiful colour design.
Ribadulla has a strong and massive body. Her head is well balanced and has a beautiful expression.

Ribadulla lives happy with Teresa.


Ribadulla means "over the Ulla river ".

In Galicia there are 3 places named Ribadulla, each one in a different province, and all of them on the riverside of the Ulla:
the 1st Ribadulla is placed in the municipality of Antas de Ulla, in Lugo, were the river originates; following the river we
find the 2nd Ribadulla, in the province of Pontevedra, municipality of A Estrada; and towards the end of the river the 3rd
Ribadulla is located, in the province of A Coruña, in the municipality of Padrón.

The Ulla river originates in Antas de Ulla (Lugo) and at its end creates the ría of Arousa.

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Pedigree Ribadulla Jakobusland*ES
1ª generation

S*Glömstaskogens Ivory
NFO n 01

EC S*Juvelens Rubin
NFO d 09 22



NFO n 09 22

PR S*Sir Maxwell's The Joker
NFO n 09 22


IC S*Knallhatten's Electra
NFO f 09 22

IC Coco Artemisa*ES
NFO as 09 22

Norwegian Forest Cats Jakobusland*ES
In Gondomar (near Vigo), Pontevedra, Spain