Samil Jakobusland*ES
Date of Birth

GIC S*Garpriket's Rob Roy
(NFO d 09 22)

IC Titran's Roxana
(NFO f 09 22)
Colour & pattern
Black blotched tabby with white
EMS code
NFO n 09 22
A_ D_ ii Ss tbtb ww oY
5,800 kg (11 months)

GSD IV negative

0,00 % (5 generations)

Complete inbreeding: 3,09%


Samil is a big and strong cat, with long body and tail. He has beautiful green eyes and enourmous ears with lynx tufts.
Samil is charming, affectionate, with extraordinary temper and very confident.
He shares his happy life with Sonia, Carolina, a dog and other 3 NFOs: Beloi, Nakuru y Mara.

Orígen del nombre: Samil

Samil Beach belongs to the parish of San Paio Navia, in the city of Vigo and is one of the many beaches of the Ria de Vigo.
At its southern end Lagares River flows, forming a biologically rich marsh. Samil beach, with white sand, is oriented
to the west, with superb views, especially at sunset. It used to have a beautiful dune complex that was destroyed in the 60s
by a botched insensitive planning, which included a concrete promenade, which causes a significant loss of sand and a
deterioration of the ecosystem. There have been several municipal plans to demolish the ride and natural regeneration of the area,
but unfortunately not yet been performed. Hopefully Samil Beach in the future will recover its past splendor.

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Pedigree Samil Jakobusland*ES
1ª generation
2ª generation
3ª generation
4ª generation

GIC S*Garpriket's
Rob Roy

NFO d 09 22

NFO n 09 22

GIC S*Chinona's Onyx
NFO f 09 22

IC Títran's

NFO f 09 22

ECTitran's Ulysses JW
NFO n 09 23

EC Titran's Tosca, DM
NFO g 09 22

EC D*Koeni's Nirwana
NFO e 09 23

EC D*Koeni's Geeny
NFO f 09 22

Norwegian Forest Cats Jakobusland*ES
In Gondomar (near Vigo), Pontevedra, Spain