Domaio Jakobusland*ES
Date of birth
Neuter Male

EC Admiral von Schneider
Felis Jubatus*ES
(NFO n 09)
HCM negative


IC Areosa Jakobusland*ES
(NFO n 03 23)

Colour and pattern
Bicolour black mackerel tabby with white
EMS code
NFO n 03 23
Aa D_ ii S_ T_ ww oy
Weight (full condition)
Health information
Domaio, ¡vive!
Inbreeding (Pawpeds)
0,391% (5 generations)
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Domaio was always the biggest of the litter, with strong and muscular body.
He has a lovely temper and he is really self-confident.
Domaio lives in Madrid (Spain), with Loli and her family, and two Siamese friends.

Orígin of the name: Domaio

Domaio is a Mountain located at Morrazo Peninsula, and belongs to Moaña municipality.
From Domaio Mountain there is a beautiful sightseeing. This is a place with lot of History,
mainly from Pre-historical ages: you can find here the Castro de Montealegre,
the Dolmen de Chan de Arquiña and many "petroglifos" (carved stones).

4 months and a half
4 months and a half
3 months
2 months and a half
2 months and a half
Siesta time
2 months
1 month and a half
1 month
1 month
1 month
3 weeks
2 weeks
New born
New born

Pedigree Domaio Jakobusland*ES
4ª generation

EC DK* Admiral
von Schneider
Felis Jubatus

NFO n 09

HCM negativo


Solhuset's Leopold J.S.
NFO d 09 23

IC Areosa

NFO (n 03 23)


IC Gynkgo
de Tsavo*ES

NFO a 09

HCM negativo


IC Coco Artemisa*ES
NFO as 09 22

CH Esespecial de La Zarina*ES
NFO g 03 23

HCM negativo (09/01/2007)

PR/IC Fíbula

NFO n 03 23

HCM negativo