SC S*Glömstaskogens Bia
Date of birth
Colour and pattern
Bicolour black solid tortie
EMS code
NFO f 03
Angelike & Mikaela Lundgren, S*Glömstaskogens
Susanne Persson , S*Eärfalas
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Supreme Champion
3 BIV, 2 NOM

Health information

HCM negative  10/10/2005
HCM negative  22/04/2009  
GSD IV-negative 
FIV/FeLV  negative  15/02/2006
FIV/FeLV  negative 03/08/2009

We always became impressed for the size os Susanne cats (S*Eärfalas), and Bia is not an exception.
Bia, bred by our friends of S*Glömstaskogens, is a big female, with a fantastic look and a beautiful color combination.
We met her many times during cat shows in Stockholm area, and we always thought it was a beauty.
We are very happy that she is part of Ivory's pedigree.

Pictures of Bia

Bia judged by Luigi Comorio.


Bia and her owner Sussanne.


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