F s
IP/EC S*Utblickens's Birthe, DSM
Neuter female
Date of birth
Colour and pattern
Black tortie with white
EMS code
NFO f 09
 Ylva Ehrenbåge, S*Utblicken's
Catherine Ohlsson, S*Isgården's
Show results

Europe Champion
International Premior
Distinguished Show Merit
12 BIV, 19 NOM, 14 BIS

Health information

HCM negative, 06/09/2006
GSD IV negative

Birthe is an oustanding female. She has long body and tail, strong boning, wonderful coat and very nice head.
She has the best qualities os S*Utblickens’cats, and we are very proud that she is our Ivory grandmother.

Pictures of Birthe
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© S*Isgården's 
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