Bosque de Noruega
GIC S*Glömstaskogens Felicia
Date of birth
Colour and pattern
Van black
EMS code
NFO n 01
Angelike & Mikaela Lundgren, S*Glömstaskogens
Angelike & Mikaela Lundgren, S*Glömstaskogens
Show results
Grand International Champion (GIC)
Health information

HCM negative
GSD IV negative
FiV/Felv negative

When in 2005 we went to live in Sweden, the first breeders we met in person were Angelike, Michaela and Leif.
We had contacted with them from Spain by e-mail, and as soon we reached Sweden, they invited us to their home.
I remember that we had a nice dinner and then, as it was Walpurgis Night, we went to the near Nynäshamn beach
to see a great bonfire. During that first visit we were surprised by the beauty and size of S*Glömstaskogens’ cats.
We continued meeting during cat shows, and in one of them we became impressed by their new Van female,
S*Glömstaskogens Felicia, daughter of two stunning cats that we met: SP/IC S*Eärfalas Alfons y EC S*Bängbulans Wilma.
Felicia is a beauty, not only for her attractive colour, but also for her standard. She has very nice NFO qualities.
During the very last cat show we attended to, before come back to Spain, Carlos took me a picture with Felicia in my arms.
We gone, but we continued keeping an eye on Felicia steps, and when in 2008 we saw her plans with Astrakan, we breathed in
and waited until in March the litter was born. It was a handsome litter of three babies. Then we have no doubt, we chose Ivory.

Pictures of Felicia

Felicia judged by Maud Olsen Johanson.

Haninge (Sweden), July 2008. ©Jakobusland*ES

Felicia judged by Maud Olsen Johanson.

Haninge (Sweden), July 2008. ©Jakobusland*ES

Haninge catshow (Sweden), July 2008. ©Jakobusland*ES

Felicia & Angelike. Haninge catshow 2008. ©Jakobusland*ES
Felicia & Angelike. Haninge catshow 2008. ©Jakobusland*ES
©Michaela Lundgren

Felicia and me at Vallentuna catshow (Sweden)

August 2008. ©Jakobusland*ES

Norwegian Forest Cat

Felicia judged by Kristiina Rautio at Vallentuna cat show (Sweden),August 2008. ©Jakobusland*ES

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