S*Ekskogen's Tripping, DM
Date of birth
Colour and pattern
Black and white
EMS code
NFO n 09
Gunilla Ek, S*Ekskogens
Monica & Arne Adolfson, S*Moa's
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Distinguish Merit (DM)
Health information
HCM negative (13/07/2005)

In November, 2005, Monica, the veteran breeder behind S*Moa's, invited us to her home, in Nynäshamn, Sweden.
We had met few days before during a Halloween cat show in Solna, very near our home (Stockholm).
The visit to Monica's home was a very important experience to us, unforgetable and enriching.
Monica offered us a nice meal. We talked with her about Noewegian Forest Cats during hours,
and we also met her cats, all of them with super temper, big size and fantastic condition.
Among them was Tripping, a 10 years old female then, with super wild look but sweet doll temper.

Pictures of Tripping
Novembro 2005. ©Jakobusland*ES


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