ECTitran's Ulysses JW
Date of birth
Colour and pattern
Black mackerel tabby with white
EMS code
NFO n 09 23
Renée Lanser-Weissbach, Titran's
Renée Lanser-Weissbach, Titran's
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Europe Champion
Junnior Winner

Health information

HCM negative (23/02/2005)

PKD negative (23/02/2005)

We don’t know personally the father of our Roxana, the stunning EC Titran's Ulysses, JW, however
we had the opportunity to met his litter brother, the also impressive SC Titran's Uranos, JW.
It happened on Bordeaux Cat Show, on January 2004.   We had already decided that our next
female would be a Titran’s, and to meet Uranos, convinced us, even more, that we had taken a right
decission. Uranos and Ulysses have an extraordinary size and boning, very long tail and super look.
Our Roxana inherited all this qualities and she passes them to her offspring.  

Pictures of Ulysses
© Carole Merten
7 months ©Titran's
9 weeks ©Titran's
6 weeks ©Titran's
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